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Check Mobile Signal in the Wilburton area – Updated July 2024

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5G Plans

There are many different options when it comes to buying a 5G plan. From mobile contracts through to 5G SIM only deals. For either of these cases it’s important to ensure that you’re buying a 5G enabled device or you simply won’t be able to use the 5G capabilities in your area. So our first piece of advice is to use our checker to see if there’s 5G in your area, if there is then make sure you’re shopping for 5G contracts when looking for a new phone. Below are just some of the 5G enabled plans currently available, which are the best deals we found in our search.

Below are some 5G plans available on the latest Apple iPhone 14 5G model.



  • iPhone 14
  • Ultra 5G – unlimited data
  • £50 month (with trade-in)
  • £29 up front
  • Unlimited data/texts/mins
  • 24 month plan


  • iPhone 14
  • Unlimited data
  • £67 a month
  • £0 up front (with trade-in)
  • Unlimited data/texts/mins
  • 24 month plan


  • iPhone 14
  • Unlimited data
  • £64.96 a month
  • £80 up front
  • Unlimited data/texts/mins
  • 24 month plan

Mobile Signal Coverage in Wilburton

We’ve pulled the data available from all of the leading mobile providers to give you an idea of what percentage of coverage there is in your area for 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g and voice/data. Check the percentages below to see the likelihood of getting good signal in your area.

Town or County 2G Coverage % 3G Coverage % 4G Coverage % 5G Coverage % Voice Coverage % Data Coverage %
Wilburton in: No data
Out: No data
in: No data
Out: No data
in: No data
Out: No data
Use network checker at top No data No data
Averages in Cambridgeshire in:75.8
Use network checker at top 95.1 100

Which providers offer 5G in Wilburton

All of the major network providers are currently working hard to bring 5G access across the whole of the UK. Some are of course further ahead than others. But you can expect to get good 5G signal in many of the UKs major cities and towns now, with plans to roll this out very soon across the rest of the UK. To check if it’s available in Wilburton just use our 5g checker above. Vodafone, EE, O2 and Three are the major players in bringing a 5G network to the UK and each are very much in the race to deliver this network to every town and city in the UK and getting there first will mean a huge advantage to them, so it goes without saying we’re going to be seeing 5G everywhere as soon as physically possible.

What exactly is 5G?

As you know most of us using smartphones use 4G networks. 5G is essentially the next generation of this wireless network, it’s all about improving speed. 5G is an absolutely huge improvement even to the 4G network. In fact, probably significantly faster than your home broadband. We will cover that in a second.

5G uses a different spectrum of waves which allow the speed to improve significantly, but also the capacity will be hugely improved too, so you won’t suffer from those times where we used to be unable to send texts because the network was so busy.

These waves actually travel a much shorter distance than 4G waves, so the traditional mobile phone mast just isn’t a viable option for 5G because none of us would get good signal and speed at those sort of distances. So 5G works by having very different masts, much smaller but also many more in order to provide a stronger signal and benefit from the incredible speeds of 5G.

How fast is 5G?

This obviously depends hugely on a number of factors such as distance from the mast, weather conditions, the provider and the contract you’re on. But, expect MASSIVE improvements on your current download speeds. As a guide, my current 4G vodafone contract on my iPhone 11 Pro gives an impressive 58 Mb/s download speed. Now that’s actually faster than my home broadband which gives 55 Mb/s…now here’s the amazing part…5G will offer you an average of 150-200 Mb/s, 3 to 4 times faster than my 4G or home broadband. But even better is that those figures are just an average, you could receive as much as 1000 Mb/s.

How does 5G compare to 4G?

It’s really down to speed here which we covered above. You’ll notice your everyday activities are significantly quicker than you’re used to. For example watching YouTube videos will be instant, no buffering. Downloading apps will be insanely fast, as will downloading music and films.

Who will need 5G?

5G is likely to appeal to most people, business and personal users. It’s going to offer new possibilities in terms of what we can do with a smartphone and in the future will probably replace the need to have home broadband. Anyone currently making regular use of a smartphone is going to see the benefits of a 5G contract. However, that does come with the caveat that you need to make sure 5G signal is strong in your area, if it’s not you’re simply not going to get the benefits of 5G.

How much are 5G mobile contracts?

This is again going to vary on the type of contract you go for, and some providers aren’t charging extra for their 5G plans and are, for example, including 5G access in their unlimited data plans. But to give an example of what you can expect to pay, at the time of writing this April 2020, EE are offering:

5G Unlimited Data with Swappable Benefits for £39 (was £44) which compares to their 4G Unlimited Data with Swappable Benefits at £39.

So you can see there’s not going to be significant cost increases for using the 5G network, which is really great news for us as consumers.

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